Unveiling Souls...

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"I imagine the silence and stillness of sitting in that little pointed alcove, unaffected by the turbulence of the waters around me" Continuing the series of responses by my son the writer Joseph Sale

The way people at the event interpreted our work, adding their own stories and responses, is part of this process and has been fascinating, as well as, at times, deeply moving. 

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Linda's work expresses a quest for beauty and spirituality and she explores these themes both in connection with the light, space and symmetry found in places of worship but also in her studies of the human figure.


Artists, poets, cinematographers, and novelists have all bent their efforts to unveiling a little more of the world depicted in The English Cantos...

Exhibitions for 2020...

June 10th – 23rd, 2020 NOW A VIRTUAL EXHIBITION ON LINE - live poetry, art, videos and a game!

“The Wider Circle” is a collaborative project with the work of Dante Alighieri at its heart. Join Linda and James Sale, plus other collaborators, as they take you on a visual, literary, and digital journey. 

With Take5

31st July - 3rd September 2020 The Mulberry Room, Shelley Theatre  Bournemouth VENUE

12th September - 17th October 2020 The Red House Museum, Christchurch GALLERY